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Manga : Chinese Manga Translation

Tong Li Comics from Taiwan has made available a Traditional Chinese translation of the manga, entitled 中華小廚師.  This literally means China's Little Chef, referring of course to Mao.  If you are looking for the original Japanese raw, click here.

A group known as the Wonderland Scanning Group has kindly provided very high-quality scans of the Tong Li version on the ed2k network.  We own the set of comics, and can attest that you have to cut up your copy to scan at this quality.  Unfortunately, the following pages appear to be missing:

  1. Volume 04: 2 pages between 62 and 69
  2. Volume 06: 2 pages between 124 and 127, and pages 142-143
  3. Volume 10: pages 80-81
  4. Volume 12: 2 pages between 24 and 29, and pages 110-111
  5. Volume 15: pages 140-141
  6. Volume 16: pages 70-71
  7. Volume 17: pages between 206 and 211.

If you wish to read this version, we strongly suggest you download the manga directly via Bittorrent or through the file lockers listed on the Downloads page.  But as a courtesy to visitors, we provide a limited preview of the manga here.

Volume 01

Volume 2

Volume 03

Volume 04

Volume 05

Volume 06

Volume 07

Volume 08

Volume 09

Volume 10

Volume 11

Volume 12

Volume 13

Volume 14

Volume 15

Volume 16

Volume 17 (final)