"In this town in Szechuan province,
a new Chinese chef legend is about to be born."

CMB stands for "Cooking Master Boy!", also known as "Chuuka Ichiban!"
(translated "China's Best"). Created in Japan, this anime series has also been
aired with English subtitles on the cable channel AXN to countries such as
Singapore and the Philippines. This series has been fan-subtitled by a group called Anime-Keep. Due to scarcity of video sources, they used the
Cantonese-dubbed VCDs.

General Storyline

CMB is set in 19th century China.

Honor, pride, and respect depend on one thing - cooking. The most esteemed
title that anyone can seek is that of a "Super Chef".

The story follows a young boy named Ling Mao-hsing, more commonly known
as Mao,  and his quest to become a great chef like his mother, who is no longer alive. Along the way he encounters many people and various experiences.

The characters are enjoyable and full of life. The story is engulfing.

No magic except for some pretty flashy cooking techniques, no 'panty shots', and violence only in the form of 'cooking battles'. BUT it's addictive and you just want more! It is definitely enjoyable for the whole family!

Hope you like it as much as I do! - TA-Chan