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Cooking Master Boy (aka Chuuka Ichiban 中華一番!) was a Japanese anime set in an alternate-reality 19th  Century China, during the Manchu Dynasty.   It is an era where top-rated chefs strive to better their skills and compete to become the best chef in China.  The highest-rated chefs, called Super Chefs, are highly revered and are invested with authority over cooking matters.  Cooking is serious business - any attempt to impersonate or disrespect a Super Chef will result in very dire consequences.

The tale focuses on Liu Mao Xing (劉昴星), a 13-year old boy living in Sichuan, China.  The son of Sichuan's Fairy Chef Pai, Mao is imbued with eidetic taste memory - he remembers everything he has tasted, and can deconstruct the flavor of food that he's tasted into the individual ingredients.  With a flair for innovation,  an empathic ability to understand the needs of the people he's cooking for, and the uncanny ability to befriend all of his rivals, Mao embarks on a journey to become the best - and youngest Super Chef in history.

Cooking Master Boy first aired in Japan's Fuji Television on April 27, 1997.  Its fifty-two episode run ended on September 13, 1998.  The show was based on a 17-volume manga published from 1995 to 1999 - as a result the true ending of the manga was never animated.  The show gained international exposure when it aired on AXN Asia, introducing viewers from the Asia-Pacific region to the show. 

The anime received a fansub on 2003, with Anime-Keep utilizing VCD sources with Cantonese and (later on) Mandarin audio.  No release with Japanese audio was ever made, due to the unavailability of higher-quality Japanese raws.  Until February 22, 2006, that is, with the release of a DVD boxset.

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