Cooking Master Boy Transcriptions

High Quality Fansubs of Chuuka Ichiban, one transcription at a time...

About Cooking Master Boy Transcriptions

Why did we re-transcribe Cooking Master Boy, when Anime-Keep has already made the entire series available in English many years ago?

Quality, in a nutshell.  This is not to say that Anime-Keep did a poor job.  They did the best they could, with the best available resources at the moment.  It was a superb job. 

So what do we mean by quality?

  1. Release Quality.  Anime-Keep had no access to DVD sources, so the releases were encoded in VCD quality.  Re-transcribing Cooking Master Boy from the original R2 DVD would give us a much better quality for both audio and video.
  2. Translation Quality.  The previous translation translated from Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese audio - which was in turn translated from the original Japanese.  We used the AXN-Asia broadcasts, which translated directly from Japanese, as our main base.  From there, we supplemented the translations by referring to the manga.  We have also done a fair bit of research into the Chinese history and the proper terminology of culinary terms.

As always, everything is in the eye of the beholder.  After two years of work, we hope the project has achieved what it has set out to do!  If you catch any errors, be they typographic, grammatical, continuity, or scene bleeding, don't hesitate to post at the Forum!