Cooking Master Boy Transcriptions

High Quality Fansubs of Chuuka Ichiban, one transcription at a time...


Cooking Master Boy websites have popped up and subsequently disappeared over the years.  Here is what's left of them:

Cooking Master Boy Central - David Lee's site is the oldest English-language information site.  It is no longer being updated, with the last update is circa April 26, 2003.

Cooking Master Boy HQ - arguably the most informative and best-designed site.  Went offline in 2007 after the domain registration was not renewed.  We have reconstructed the site via the Internet Archive, and mirror it in its entirety on our server. 

Chinatown KM Scans - this group is actively translating the manga.

Nippon Animation - official page for the anime.

We have made (and abandoned) In-depth Episode Synopsis for the series.  However, only episodes 20 through 24 were completed.  If you like ads, a FortuneCity mirror still exists online.

Please suggest relevant links (not one-page information sites please) in the Forum.