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  1. CMBT Complete Video Batch TorrentTorrent file also mirrored on Nyaatorrents, Mononova, BakaBT (needs registration), and via Magnet link JPDDL and Rawbeach have provided direct-download links for the whole torrent; if you only want to download individual files, we provide links below.  
  2. Cooking Master Boy Manga raws: available in Japanese and Chinese (Taiwan, or Traditional) languages.
  3. Cooking Master Boy Soundtracks (lossless).  Alternative versions (not the same conversion but likely the same ripping source) are also available from BakaBT (needs registration) in lossless FLAC and lossy MP3 (V0) formats.

Anime Episodes

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No. Title Direct Download Links
01 Genius Cooking Boy, Mao
02 A Mystery Mapo Tofu
03 Go for It!  Super Chef!  
04 The Cruel Rule of Yosen Shuka  
05 Break the Tradition!  Defeat Yosen Shuka!  
06 Flame Chefs, the Dumpling Brothers  
07 Dirty Trap! Cornered Mao!  
08 Dragon Dumpling Duel  
09 Challenge the Dream!  Super Chef Examination
10 Ultimate Skill!  Incomparable Noodles
11 Final Battle!  Legendary Cooking Arena  
12 A Great Rival Appears. Talented Young Chef Fei
13 The Catfish Noodle Completed!  Fated Decision
14 Proof of Champions.  The Emblem of Glory  
15 Genius Boy Chef!?  Shilou?
16 Super Boobs!  Sweet Trap - Beware of the Beauty
17 Return!  Dreamy Singe Cuisine
18 Scary Red Congee.  Secret of the Haunted Mansion
19 The Bridge of Love.  Galaxy Noodles
20 The Ominous Black Chicken
21 The Continent's No. 1 Challenges Yosen Shuka
22 The Challenger!  Mao Chooses to Fight! <<<<BEGIN>>>>
23 Shine!  Big Bang Siumai
24 Mysterious Invitation.  Ambush by a Masked Chef
25 Inherited Spirit.  Bloody Battle at the Mansion!  
26 The Greatest Trump Card!  Joker's Laugh
27 Heroism!  Grand Finale of Vengeance!
28 The Outdoor Cuisine of Friendship
29 Underworld Guest, Cold-hearted Genius Leon
30 Sharpness of Evil!  Demonic Seven-Star Knives!
31 Four Chinese Regions Locked!  Red Sea Bream Continental Seal
32 Clash of Ice and Flame!  A Chef's Soul
33 Legendary Cookware!  The Secret of the Forever-Spirit Knife!
34 Evil City Shanghai!  The Underworld Declares War!!
35 Huge Floating Cooking Arena!  Magical Iron Arm Soup
36 Sanche Special!  Cold Jelly Soup
37 Lakon, the King of Dim Sum.  1,600 Year-Old Spirit-Calming Bun
38 Super Dim Sum Battle!  The Ultimate Decision!!
39 Another Set of Seven-Star Knives!  Enigmatic Beauty Shan
40 Wake Up Leon!  Destiny of a Chef
41 Smash the Evil Blade!  Soul of the Seven-Star Knives!!
42 Demon of Vengeance, Shou An!  Conclusion of Destiny
43 Mao's Real Ability!  Magical Panda Tofu
44 Shocking Verdict!  In the Palm of the Fairy
45 The Yangtze River Burns!  Shou An's Final Fate
46 Save Shell! A Torrent of Noodles!!
47 The Deity Descends!?  Miraculous Spiritual Deity Copperware
48 Shooting Star of Heaven!  Special Comet Fried Rice
49 Labyrinth of Darkness!  Soul-Connecting Serving of Porridge
50 Imperial Capital Peking!  The Underworld Bares its Fangs
51 Secret Plan of Fei the Genius!   Neo Manchu-Han Imperial Feast
52 Huge Reversal!  Heroic Chefs of Glory

Other Anime-related Clips

File Information Direct Download
Opening 1: Sora  
Opening 2: Iki mo Dekinai  
Opening 3: Kimi Sae Ireba  
Opening 1: Sora (creditless)
Opening 2: Iki mo Dekinai (creditless)
Opening 3: Kimi Sae Ireba (creditless)
Ending 1: Aoi Sora no Deaeta (creditless)
Ending 2: Mineral (creditless)
Ending 3: Kaze no You ni Jiyuu ~ Free as the Wind (creditless)
Ending 1: Aoi Sora no Deaeta (full song karaoke)
Ending 2: Mineral (full song karaoke)
Episode Previews, part 1 (episodes 02-26)  
Episode Previews, part 2 (episodes 27-52)  
5-second DVD Menu Teaser

Lossless Soundtracks

Album Direct Download
OP1 Sora single
OP2 Iki mo Dekinai single  
OP3 Kimi Sae Ireba single
ED1 Aoi Sora no Deaeta single  
ED2 Mineral single
ED3 Kaze no You ni Jiyuu ~ Free as the Wind single
Chuuka Ichiban! Special TV On-Air Mix & Original Soundtrack  


Manga files are compressed into ZiP archives, and individual volumes further compressed into comic-book archives (CBR for Chinese and CBZ for Japanese).  These files are just renamed RAR and ZIP files, respectively, and can be unpacked by a file archive utility like 7zip for Windows and UnRarX for Mac.  These files can be read directly by comic book reading software like CDisplay (Win), Simple Comic (OSX), and cbrPager (Linux and UNIX).

Language Direct Download
Japanese (中華一番!1-5) volume 01-05  
Japanese (真.中華一番! 01-06) volume 06-11  
Japanese (真.中華一番! 07-12) volume 12-17  
Chinese (中華小廚師) volume 01-09    
Chinese (中華小廚師) volume 10-17      
Direct download links to scanlated chapters are available on the Manga page.