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CMBT Project Release Notes

General Translation Notes

There are many ways of rendering Chinese text into English.  The method used today is called Hànyu Pinyin; it has been the international standard since the 1980s.  However, throughout the 19th Century which is the setting of the anime, the Wade-Giles system is widely used.  Because many Chinese food today is spelled using Wade-Giles when place is referred to (e.g. Peking Duck and Cantonese food), we have decided to adopt Wade-Giles for major place names.  Hence Peking instead of Beijing, Szechuan for Sichuan, Canton Province for Guangdong Province, and Canton for Guangzhou.  We did use Pinyin when rendering Mao's full name: Liu Mao Xing, instead of Liu Mao Hsing under Wade-Giles.

We did not translate from Japanese.  Although we did substantial research on the dishes and culinary techniques featured in the anime, AXN's English subtitles (translated from Japanese) still form the the basic foundation of all CMBT English text.  Where AXN's meaning is unclear, CMBT supplemented AXN sources by referring to the manga, doing a little bit of research on the Japanese words, and by referencing Anime-Keep's Chinese-translated release as a last resort.

The translations for all six opening and ending songs are neither literal nor localized.  Our overriding philosophy is to allow the viewer to sing along to the melody.  Because of our desire to fit the lyrics to the music, some viewers may find our "translations" to be overly verbose.  It seems that the Japanese language can take a lot of syllables to express a simple thought in English!

Technical Details

Our releases are encoded from Japanese R2 DVDs with x264 (8-bit encoding only).  There are three audio tracks (Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese) and three subtitle tracks (English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese).  Japanese audio, in AC3 format is taken directly from the R3 DVD.  Cantonese audio (MP3) come from Hong Kong VCD sources.  Mandarin audio (AAC), as well as the Chinese subtitles, are taken from the NORM-HalfCD release.

All files are in Matroska format, and make extensive use of ordered chapters and file linking.  Because of this, you should put all files in the same directory for best results. 

File Playback

We recommend using the following to view our files:

  1. Combined Community Codec Pack - play the files in either Media Player Classic or Zoom Player
  2. Simplified Chinese ClearType Fonts for Windows XP - Microsoft YaHei is exclusively used in the Chinese subtitles.  If you are running Vista, Windows 7, or higher, then this is already installed by default.
  3. TrueType fonts for English Subtitles - these include Berlin Sans FB Demi, Gill Sans MT, Papyrus, Forte.  All files are included in Windows XP and Microsoft Office products.  (To install fonts, simply copy the font files to C:/Windows/Fonts)

As of January 2012, software support for Matroska ordered chapters is not yet widespread for Mac OS.  Mac users can install a custom build of MPlayer (warning - beta software!) that supports this feature.

CRC Information

By special request, here are the official CRC figures for all episodes:

No. Title Size (bytes) CRC32
OP1 Opening 1: Sora 29,172,932 4DDD0DC6
01 Genius Cooking Boy, Mao 281,463,980 8F123626
02 A Mystery Mapo Tofu 274,301,613 1A0A976B
03 Go for It!  Super Chef! 265,280,334 84087352
04 The Cruel Rule of Yosen Shuka 237,850,673 B0D540A5
05 Break the Tradition!  Defeat Yosen Shuka! 282,574,540 E014D666
06 Flame Chefs, the Dumpling Brothers 302,031,518 5AA47BAF
07 Dirty Trap! Cornered Mao! 304,589,883 473110F8
08 Dragon Dumpling Duel 297,673,981 68BEE19B
09 Challenge the Dream!  Super Chef Examination 248,791,242 46509D73
10 Ultimate Skill!  Incomparable Noodles 309,530,554 ACB31460
11 Final Battle!  Legendary Cooking Arena 293,226,285 8FC53DDA
12 A Great Rival Appears. Talented Young Chef Fei 285,831,843 D483FA87
13 The Catfish Noodle Completed!  Fated Decision 248,506,837 5690E93A
14 Proof of Champions.  The Emblem of Glory 263,766,167 F5E4359E
15 Genius Boy Chef!?  Shilou? 310,550,087 4AA66CA2
16 Super Boobs!  Sweet Trap - Beware of the Beauty 276,947,629 6ADE5572
17 Return!  Dreamy Singe Cuisine 280,807,765 FF47135F
18 Scary Red Congee.  Secret of the Haunted Mansion 224,162,146 CEB7CB7B
OP2 Opening 2: Iki mo Dekinai 26,652,450 9EDCB142
19 The Bridge of Love.  Galaxy Noodles 290,208,626 83F062B7
20 The Ominous Black Chicken 280,023,123 81976813
21 The Continent's No. 1 Challenges Yosen Shuka 236,862,827 C7D3F6E6
22 The Challenger!  Mao Chooses to Fight! 251,832,718 6A3BE66F
23 Shine!  Big Bang Siumai 244,865,431 14E91306
24 Mysterious Invitation.  Ambush by a Masked Chef 217,464,551 CAE083F6
25 Inherited Spirit.  Bloody Battle at the Mansion! 259,638,425 8AEB2108
26 The Greatest Trump Card!  Joker's Laugh 258,510,149 4DF65A01
27 Heroism!  Grand Finale of Vengeance! 234,694,143 EDEE9BDE
28 The Outdoor Cuisine of Friendship 277,404,028 A6E81F7D
29 Underworld Guest, Cold-hearted Genius Leon 255,223,368 C9DC597E
30 Sharpness of Evil!  Demonic Seven-Star Knives! 263,572,144 D2C8D448
31 Four Chinese Regions Locked!  Red Sea Bream Continental Seal 291,762,451 8FE49045
32 Clash of Ice and Flame!  A Chef's Soul 323,192,910 58D7DD87
33 Legendary Cookware!  The Secret of the Forever-Spirit Knife! 284,065,126 6A733181
34 Evil City Shanghai!  The Underworld Declares War!! 276,162,237 8B98CDAB
35 Huge Floating Cooking Arena!  Magical Iron Arm Soup 237,492,738 8FDBFB0F
36 Sanche Special!  Cold Jelly Soup 255,052,379 D709BB40
OP3 Opening 3: Kimi Sae Ireba 32,233,354 69DAC56D
37 Lakon, the King of Dim Sum.  1,600 Year-Old Spirit-Calming Bun 265,944,565 100D2056
38 Super Dim Sum Battle!  The Ultimate Decision!! 304,942,290 30F21886
39 Another Set of Seven-Star Knives!  Enigmatic Beauty Shan 245,367,693 4B7ED29B
40 Wake Up Leon!  Destiny of a Chef 242,648,657 17829A8A
41 Smash the Evil Blade!  Soul of the Seven-Star Knives!! 229,753,638 67D268DB
42 Demon of Vengeance, Shou An!  Conclusion of Destiny 266,246,593 5A5C9D0B
43 Mao's Real Ability!  Magical Panda Tofu 273,052,161 767BB7A4
44 Shocking Verdict!  In the Palm of the Fairy 220,111,517 8649C5EA
45 The Yangtze River Burns!  Shou An's Final Fate 268,325,413 7E93DB01
46 Save Shell! A Torrent of Noodles!! 255,856,524 0C90081E
47 The Deity Descends!?  Miraculous Spiritual Deity Copperware 283,256,014 4BB44B49
48 Shooting Star of Heaven!  Special Comet Fried Rice 271,015,394 2B72B10E
49 Labyrinth of Darkness!  Soul-Connecting Serving of Porridge 226,217,178 E029D14C
50 Imperial Capital Peking!  The Underworld Bares its Fangs 278,512,294 021FB65E
51 Secret Plan of Fei the Genius!   Neo Manchu-Han Imperial Feast 325,567,319 410EAE50
52 Huge Reversal!  Heroic Chefs of Glory 283,917,517 C1EBEEAE
C1 Opening 1: Sora (creditless) 18,451,995 E1679393
C2 Opening 2: Iki mo Dekinai (creditless) 21,483,571 CA1A99E3
C3 Opening 3: Kimi Sae Ireba (creditless) 23,962,295 21D25684
C4 Ending 1: Aoi Sora no Deaeta (creditless) 9,583,548 C8FD6CE8
C5 Ending 2: Mineral (creditless) 12,608,040 11E1C5A0
C6 Ending 3: Kaze no You ni Jiyuu ~ Free as the Wind (creditless) 17,077,810 3FCFAB42
SP1 Episode Previews, part 1 (episodes 02-26) 103,299,534 AC5972AE
SP2 Episode Previews, part 2 (episodes 27-52) 107,777,857 1FC4DA8E
SP3 Ending 1: Aoi Sora no Deaeta (full song karaoke) 76,205,273 444A48F2
SP4 Ending 2: Mineral (full song karaoke) 68,829,756 F93D0B96
SP5 5-second DVD Menu Teaser 1,304,083 680E7846
SP6 CMBT Epilogue Credits 35,633,942 DCA68234


I owe special thanks to the following major supporters!
  • Language Consultants: plau, durendal, Gongbao, and brybie
  • Timers: Flandre, classyfied, and clock
  • Transcribers: Flandre, classyfied, omnipro,  and clock
  • Quality Control: plau and omnipro
  • Distribution: DaRkBoZ, subrand0m and jabber
  • Karaoke Effects: ai-chan, jfs, and subrand0m
  • DVD Procurement: MeeMaX
  • Chinese Audio Procurement: kaifeng and Manifold
  • Romaji for OP and ED songs are adapted from